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Spring 2020 Membership Drive

This webpage has been established for the members of the Camelot Neighborhood Association in Garland TX to support the 2020 Spring Membership Drive and complimentary member curb address painting activities.

The sign-up period has ended.  


See map below for curb address painting status.  

Please note: if there are issues with the curb address painting you received as a part of last year's drive, please contact Dallas Curb Painting directly to request warranty service (see contact info below). 


Doug and Travis  

Questions or comments ?

To contact Dallas Curb Painting, call or text: 214.254.6814

or for quickest results click the following button:

Interested in having your sidewalks, curbs, or even whole house pressure-washed. Special pricing packages are available: 


Dallas Curb Painting 2020

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