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This webpage has been established for the members of the Canyon Creek Homeowners Association in Richardson TX to support the curb address painting and maintenance beginning in May of 2019


This site includes maintenance request forms and a status map of curb maintenance in process. 

Residents may also request special discounted pressure washing services available to all Canyon Creek HOA members. 

Thank you!



The  2019 curb maintenance project has begun and will include repainting all curb addresses in the south-east 1/3 of homes.  The are extends East to west from Collins to Custer, and North to south from Lookout to Campbell.  We will also be repainting a number of address numbers in the other areas where they are in need of refreshing.  See the map below for areas covered and progress. 


This year we will be pressure washing prior to painting to help the curb numbers adhere better to the curb.  We will need to hook up our pressure washer hose at two or three pts on each block. We appreciate your cooperation if we end up connecting to your home.  This will have a negligible impact to your water bill, with a cost under $1 to clean the curb address area for all homes on the block.  Cu

Dallas Curb Painting 2019

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