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This webpage has been established for the members of the Dallas TX zip 75228 Facebook Group to support a cross-neighborhood curb address painting project planned for early April..  At that time the Zip 75228 Facebook Group has arranged for one of the styles shown on the opt in-form to be painted  at special neighborhood discounted rates ranging from $10-$18 depending on selected style  (up to 80% off retail pricing)

The Signup for the Facebook Group 75228 is now closed.  


Update for May 15. 

Hi All.... here with some progress updates.  As of last week, we passed the 50% marker and with 110 now done there are just about 80 left. Though the weather has improved, the work continues to move slower than the original plan as my partner is out with health issues. In the meantime, I will continue to do the best I can to get everyone taken care of and keep the quality level up to our standards. We are projecting a completion in early June - we will keep you posted. 


Clearing curbs prior to painting:   I want to say thanks to all who have taken the effort to clear off dirt or overgrown shrubs etc... from the curb areas.  I have noticed  big difference and it is helping me to complete the curbs faster and with better quality.   For anyone that hasn't had a chance to do so, we ask that you take a few minutes this week to look at the place where your curb addresses will be painted and make sure there is not any collected dirt/mud, grass, leaves or standing water in the street.  The grass should be edged with no grass or other plantings coming over onto the concrete. Most important - Any fire ant mounds must be removed.


April and May discount program  Additional requests to join in on the discount program come every day, mostly from people out walking in the neighborhood. The March 80% off event for the 75228 Facebook Group has been our most popular promotion to date and although now closed, we are pleased to announce an extended program for April and May signups in the 75228 zip code at a 60% savings off of our list price. If you know of anyone interested in signing up, have them go to and send us a message and mention 75228 Discount in their message comments.  

The Map shows the boundaries of the 75228 Curb Painting initiative and reflects the final list of homes opt'd in.   

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